Fireplace Company in Oakville

Thirty years of unparalleled service in the business have placed Martino HVAC Company professionals as specialists in town. As a reliable household name, our services are committed to maintaining and ensuring your indoor comfort. If your recent search history is flooded with queries of ‘Fireplace companies near me, BBB certified Martino technicians are the answer.  

What do we do?

The ingenious amenities that drive your homes, such as air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, and fireplaces, are all our areas of service. Besides warming up your space, ornamental fireplaces also elevate your interiors. Therefore choosing a credible maintenance and repair service is indispensable. 

While self-maintenance tips and DIYs are economical practices, you require professional inspections and tune-ups to ensure the impeccable efficiency of the systems. Regular tune-ups guarantee durability, long life and ensure that the safety controls are in sync. You can avail of our consummate services to support your fireplace through the elaborate financing options and promotions we offer. 

Beyond attending to fireplaces, here is a list of other services we offer: 

Heat Pumps, air conditioning, and ductless services

  • Repair.
  • Replacement.
  • Installation.
  • Service.
  • Maintenance.
  • Inspection.
  • Tune-up.

Indoor air quality services

  • Purification.
  • Dehumidification.
  • Humidification.
  • Ventilation.
  • UV Lights.

Why should you choose us?

You might contemplate ‘these services are available around all fireplace companies near me, so how is Martino HVAC the best choice? Let’s elaborate that for you

  • Dedicated professionals

Our prompt and licensed technicians are trained to exceed your expectations with their knowledge and patience. Our job doesn’t end at installation or repair; any queries or apprehensions you might have about your system are welcomed. 

  • Transparent pricing

We take pride in upfront and clear pricing without hiding any additional costs or extra charges. Regardless of the nature of the job, our billing is completely accountable and true to the fixed price. 

  • Customer safety

The consequences of a neglected fireplace can land you in irrevocable situations. Keeping the value of your systems and the stakeholders involved in mind, we promise unwavering accuracy. Our responsible and certified team performs their job with precision to minimize and eliminate any potential risks. 

  • Affordable 

For a comprehensive understanding of our gainful maintenance plan, check our detailed page to assess how you can save money on recurring expenses. Our partnership with Financeit allows us to offer you secure and reasonable payment options.  

  • 24 Hour Emergency services.

Emergencies do not knock on your door with an invitation; therefore, our team is ready to relieve you of urgent cases at any hour. You can count on us for quick action in case of emergencies by contacting our 24-hour available emergency line. 

Schedule an appointment for the finest fireplace services

Fireplaces might seem schematic to manage, but with an opulent fireplace also comes the responsibility of ensuring its efficiency and safety. If you face any troubles with the performance of your fireplace, reach out to our trained team to inspect the issue for you. 

Contact us at Martino HVAC for a free estimate of committed and classified assistance from our licensed professionals. Additionally, troubleshoot your issues or sign up for a bankable maintenance plan with other gainful resources on our website. Give us a call Phone: (647) 277-9680 or send us a mail.