How Many Hours Should AC Run In Summer?

Some homeowners are concerned that they run their air conditioner too often and wish to understand if this excess usage can harm their appliance. How do you know the ‘standard hours’ for an air conditioner to run in a day when there are so many air conditioners and diverse home dimensions? An air conditioning system is designed to keep a specific room temperature constant throughout the day.

So ideally, there is no such thing as a device breaking down or becoming damaged if it runs for 24 hours. Thus you can run your air conditioning device nonstop for an entire week, and you will never require any unnecessary air conditioner repair in Oakville.

Turn On Your Air Conditioning Device For 15-20 Minutes

An air conditioner should operate for 15-20 minutes in warm weather conditions. Any less, your air conditioner may be too big for your home – more on that later. If you notice your air conditioner running constantly, it costs you money. It’s simple to stay ahead of avoidable AC problems with regular maintenance and a correctly sized air conditioner.

Why Is Your Air Conditioning Device Constantly Running?

If you think your air conditioning unit is running for an extended time, here are some reasons behind it.

  • The Outside Air Temperature

The longer your air conditioning system operates to attain your optimum temperature, the warmer it is. It is particularly true when humidity levels are high. You shouldn’t be concerned if your air conditioner runs more frequently on extremely hot days. As long as the temperature inside is pleasant and cool air is flowing out of your vents, there’s no need to worry.

The lower you set your thermostat in the warmer months, the longer your air conditioning system will have to operate to reach it.

While you may prefer your home to be as cool as possible, adjusting your thermostat by a degree or two will reduce your air conditioner’s service life. It will also help you save a little money on your electricity bill while keeping your house cool.

The size of your air conditioning system is the most crucial factor in air conditioning unit run timings. A large air conditioner will reduce your run time to less than ten minutes. It is referred to as short-cycling, and it occurs when your air conditioner cools your place too quickly.;

The portion of humidity in your home is also affected by short cycling. Although a large air conditioner would cool the air, it would not dehumidify your home. That means you’re chilly and clammy even while your air conditioner is blowing cold air at you.

An insufficiently sized air conditioning system will have the opposite effect. It is incapable of adequately cooling your home, so it is not turning off. Also, since it is not the proper size, your AC unit will have a shorter life expectancy and will require the services of an HVAC technician more commonly.

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